How does the rankscore get calculated?

Site Admin
09 June 2022, 11:27

The higher the rankscore the more "relevant" and "important" a news item is. We take into account the following parameters when calculating the rankscore:

1. The importance of a news publisher: Reuters, XM, FX Street, Daily FX, and other major mainstream media news sources are ranked higher.
2. If a news item is part of an event it has a higher ranking. Events are important headlines that are receiving a significant amount of news coverage.
3. If a news item has one currency pair (e.g. the article only talks about that specific currency pair), it has more weight than if the article talks about multiple currency pairs.
4. Trending: These are news items that are flagged as important (e.g. CPI Number, Interest Rate Hikes, etc…)

And a few other secret sauces :)